Why go to live concerts?

File this entry in the ‘should-really-be-in-the-musicpiracyresearchblog-website’.

In a previous blog entry over on livemusicexchange, I commented on the sort of decision making behind purchasing concert tickets.

I’ve since done some reading on this, where the paper mentioned (Earl, P.E. (2001). Simon’s travel theorem and the demand for live music. Journal of Economic Psychology, 22(3), 335-358)  has been cited quite alot in different literature on the topic.

Since found some other great articles including: Black, G.C., Fox, M.A. and Kochanowski, P. (2007). Concert Tour Success in North America: An Examination of the Top 100 Tours from 1997 to 2005. Popular Music and Society, 30(2), 149-172 which is worthy of attention, for those of you with access.

For now, consider the volume of annoyances at live concerts.

Too busy. Too warm. Why is that guy on his phone and not watching the band!? It smells. I can’t see. The sound is awful. I bought a pint, and now I have no money left for winter. I am stuck to the floor. I’ve missed the last train and need to get a taxi. Who just slapped my arse. That guy is singing over the top of the band. I can’t hear them. How come I always get searched when I go to a gig? Why did I wear my nice shoes? They are getting wrecked. I’ve lost my friends.

None of these include the principal annoyance: they can be really expensive.

Why then, with so many negatives that are beyond your control, and at such a great financial cost, do music fans continue to go to the live concerts?

Not going to speculate on this here, working on that elsewhere. Would rather aim for that elusive thing that is poignancy by merely posing the question to you.

Note: spelling out your intention to be poignant minimises the intended effect by up to 80%.

Comprehensive entry on live music to follow on the musicpiracyresearchblog.

P.S. I am inadvertently working my way one entry at a time to solely working on the musicpiracyresearchblog instead of this one.

Busy boy.

Twitter and all that @meltedpigeon..


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