My first… Digital album

Further to my recent blog post on CD’s Vs. Digital music, I recently made a startling discovery.

I have never bought a digital album or song in my life.

I sort of guessed I had at some point, given I listen to so much digital music, but I definitely haven’t. It’s all streaming services or ripped albums from my own CD collection.

Now, I have kept a keen eye on the bootlegs for the recent Pearl Jam Euro Tour where I seen them live for the first time in Manchester. I am super keen to source the bootleg for the performance I was at. This is a rare artefact.

Looking up the prices though.. I have worked my way through my decision making process and decided to purchase the digital version of the recording.

Why? It’s cheaper. Markedly cheaper, as the delivery from the United States elevates the cost considerably. I would no doubt rip the CD immediately and rarely listen to the CD version of the performance anyhow, merely enjoying the physicality of the CD itself. Money is tight just now, and I’m moving flat so I have more room (presently small flat plus clutter, mainly DVD’s and CD’s really).

I think this is a ration decision making process, as reluctant as I am to ‘shift’ to digital music. This is not a major studio album release, it’s an official bootleg. I can live with that.

Additionally, I could burn the digital copy and make a funky personalised sleeve with increased value.

I’m still sort of amazed I’ve went so long without buying a digital song. That it has come down to this, a live official bootleg.. I find amusing.

As mentioned previously, I am warming to the concept of a clutter-free flat. This is the only real advantage I can settle on for digital music over CD.

For now, a great live performance of the Riot Act cut ‘Thumbing my way’

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