A tribute to The Chemical Brothers (part three of three)

Final part of a three part series.

Chemical Brothers Playlist five – Album closers

Chemical Brothers Playlist six – Best of the rest

Sort of obsessed with album closers.. rate Radiohead as one of the best bands for great album closers. In the dance realm though, The Chemical Brothers are more than competent bringing things full circle.

Best of the rest? Because not everything in life fits into lovely little categories/there’s some songs I was gutted I couldn’t include.

A bit late in the day to note that not all of you will have Spotify, but the links to the playlists will show the songs all the same.

Might do something similar for some other bands, but I have another music-related post brewing which is not as specific I hope you will like.

For now.. the amazing Michel Gondry directed video for one of the ‘best of the rest’ tracks, The Beatles-inspired ‘Let Forever Be’ with Noel Gallagher on vocal duties. Look no further than ‘Setting Sun’ for confirmation that The Beatles can inspire dance music. It’s also no coincidence that the tracks featuring Noel Gallagher are the most Beatles-esque (hint: this observation nicely introduces the next blog post..)

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