Bands whose sound can be traced to exactly one song by older, better bands

Now that I have got your attention..

In the interests of not being controversial, I have thus avoided to choose words like ‘rip-off’ or ‘plagiarise’.

In this post, I will introduce a few instances which are not clear rip-offs in any way, but which are interesting in their own right. Songs I thought might have been an inspiration to other bands, compared to other songs which are fairly representative of that band.

It is not my intention to paint any of the bands mentioned below in a bad light. I like all of them. I just thought it would make for an interesting blog entry, to draw attention to some similarities that might or might not be coincidence/entirely my own imagination.

Silversun Pickups sound alot like The Smashing Pumpkins… and specifically ‘Drown’.

Tool don’t sound much like Pink Floyd… aside from ‘One of these days’

System of a Down sound a bit like Faith No More at times… specifically on ‘The gentle art of making enemies’

Marilyn Manson sounds alot like Nine Inch Nails… particularly everything from the Broken ep and The Downward Spiral but never more so than on Faith No More’s ‘Be aggressive’.

Muse sound a bit like Radiohead… mostly when listening to Paranoid Android.

Video comparisons below.

Round one

Silversun Pickups Vs. The Smashing Pumpkins


Round two

Tool Vs. Pink Floyd


Round three

System of a Down Vs. Faith No More


Round four

Marilyn Manson Vs. Faith No More


Round five

Muse Vs. Radiohead


Something like that.

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