Changing face of the live album*

Another ‘should-be-on-the-musicpiracyresearchblog-website’

Recently learned that about 20% of Pixies fans in 2004 paid for live recordings of the concerts attended, available to download moments after the gig. As many as 50% at times, but about 20% on average.

This is interesting.

Music is an experience good. You need to sample it before you can consider whether or not you want to own it. There’s nothing impulsive about buying music any more, it’s accessible from so many sources.

The buzz after a good gig that makes you buy a t-shirt though..

Interesting revenue stream for bands to capitalise on,  that impulse after a good show in the form of a download.

Question is, why don’t more bands do it?

Low production values presumably? Why not?

I can’t wait for a live bootleg to be made available from the Pearl Jam concert I went to this summer. The longer the wait though, the easier it will be to lose enthusiasm or alternatively source the recording using illegal means. Not that I will. Point being, I could.

Doing it RIGHT AWAY, is definitely the way to go.

Another step closer to focussing on the other blog, archiving the celebrity food puns on this blog..

Twitter feed now live @meltedpigeon where the band Spineshank are ‘friends’ with me (despite me never having heard any of their songs in my life)

*Title from presentation I might upload online at some point (on the musicpiracyresearchblog), if I get around to it.


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