Today marks exactly 12 months of blog entries on this blog. And my final blog entry.

For a wee while.

I started the blog as I was growing weary of Facebook. 12 months on, nothing has changed. It’s like that friend who annoys you, but serves some sort of function that has value. It’s tolerated.

I started the blog for me, to write about the sort of stuff I normally write about on my laptop, but in a new medium. As time went on, I realised people were actually reading the blog (increasing every month, peaking at nearly 200 a week). This is what kept me going, where I wasn’t planning on really doing the whole blog thing full-time.

Anyhow, the move onto a blog environment led me to write about different things in a different way and ultimately inspired creating a new blog: where I will be spending my spare time, rather than on here. Getting much more traffic on there, which helps keep me going. It’s something I’m enthusiastic about. Finding Twitter to be a more appropriate medium to communicate the sort of content that appears on this chaosintoorder blog.

It’s been a fun run. I like to think I have made the internet a slightly better place, for a year of my life. A mix of the pointless and the poignant. With a picture of Jean Claude Van Hamme.

Will keep the site live, updating every now and again when something comes up that’s worth the effort. Not weekly updates, fo-sho.

Business prevails and it’s the sensible move.

For now..

Twitter live @meltedpigeon

Professional blog @ with Twitter @musicpiracyblog

P.S. If anyone wants to help me build a harder, better, faster version of the professional blog above, please get in touch. Not the most tech-savvy chap on the Internet.



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